Buffalo police officer Corey Krug has a history of using excessive force and attempting to punish individuals he views as defiant,  according to court papers filed two weeks ago by federal prosecutors.  

The Buffalo police officer will stand trial on Tuesday for alleged excessive force surrounding an encounter in 2014 outside a Buffalo nightclub. 

In the new court documents, prosecutors write about three more instances where Krug reportedly used excessive force. 

In a case from 2006, Krug is accused of telling a suspect, called “R.F.”, to shut up. According to prosecutors, Krug stopped the patrol car, walked around to the rear passenger-side door, opened it, and punched the suspect, who was hand-cuffed, in the jaw. 

In a case from 2004, prosecutors wrote that Krug stood on a suspect’s back and jumped up and down before picking them up, and slamming them against the van. Prosecutors allege Krug then used an ice scraper to attempt to clean the suspect’s blood off the window of a van.

Krug’s defense team claims the government is attempting to “pile on” with additonal cases from his past because their original case involving the 2014 night club incident is a “weak one.” 

Krug is currently on paid administrative leave from the Buffalo Police Department. 

His trail is set to begin on January 29.