Protest held in Buffalo against Northern Access Pipeline

Pipeline at 10

A protest was held against the Northern Access Pipeline in the city of Buffalo on Saturday, December 15. 

National Fuel first announced plans to build the nearly 100-mile natural gas pipeline in 2015. The pipeline would extend from Pennsylvania to Elma, NY to transport gas throughout North America. 

Those who live along the proposed route want the the project stopped for reasons such as National Fuel using landowners’ properties as well as concerns over the pipeline’s environmental impact. 

One person who shares that concern is Southern Tier-native Elissa Parker. She said her community has already dealt with enough fallout from the West Valley Nuclear Cleanup Project. 

“We do have a lot of cleanup going on the Cattaraugus Creek right now from West Valley, which has personally affected me, and a lot of my neighbors. I believe that now is the time to start standing up against these corporations, telling them that we want clean water and that we want something for future generations to hold on to,” said Parker. 

In a statement to News 4, National Fuel said there are currently four interstate pipelines that cross the Cattaraugus Creek “without incident”. 

Protestors said National Fuel is still taking local landowners to court to get easements on properties along the route. National Fuel said land-owners are compensated for the easement where the pipeline is located. 

The company estimates the construction of the pipeline would create between 1,000 to 1,200 jobs. 

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