BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–During their demonstration yesterday, protestors made their message clear – they wanted to speak with both Mayor Byron Brown and Buffalo police commissioner Byron Lockwood.

Unlike yesterday when the protesters here marched out of the square to the East Side, organizers told everyone to disperse and go home after this protest ended.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood was involved in this.

He came out of police headquarters to speak with and listen to the protesters.

The organizer made the point this isn’t about George Floyd. She said this is about our city. This is about Buffalo.

One of their goals was to get a more formal meeting with the police commissioner and she said later this month that’s going to happen.

Lockwood says today was the first step and he welcomed the dialogue. He plans to meet with the organizers once again.

The main thing protesters here say they want is accountability in the police department.

Now we wait to see what happens.

The issue last night wasn’t so much the peaceful protest here in Niagara Square.

It was what happened after, after protesters marched to Bailey Avenue.

There won’t be any marching tonight.