Renewed hope for Child Victims Act after mid-term election


Members with the non-profit charity, Road to Recovery, re-issued calls for Buffalo Bishop Richard Malone to step down.

They are hoping change can come this January in light of a political shift.

Come January, the Democrats will regain control of the state Senate and with that there are renewed hopes from survivors and advocates that the Child Victims Act will finally pass.

If it makes its way to a vote on the Senate floor, there’s a better chance it will pass.

Its died there every year for more than 10 years.

This means childhood victims of sex abuse might soon be able to sue the Catholic Church in clergy molestation cases that date back decades.

The assembly, which also is controlled by democrats, already has passed a version of the Child Victims Act that includes a controversial look-back provision.

This would open a one-year window during which victims could file lawsuits for cases potentially dating back decades, as has happened in some other states.

Current law gives victims until their 23rd birthday the opportunity to bring civil and criminal cases.

The Child Victims Act would expand it to age 50 for civil cases and age 28 for felony criminal cases.

The Catholic Church has lobbied hard against the look-back provision.

But victims say the provision is essential because the trauma of sex abuse makes it difficult for victims to come to grips with what happened until years later.

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