Rep. Brian Higgins calls recent changes to Post Office “sabotage”


(WIVB) – Many New Yorkers who are not joining the lines for early voting will be making their voices heard using absentee ballots, but there have been many concerns raised about whether the Postal Service will deliver those ballots on time.

Congressman Brian Higgins says recent changes at the Post Office have made the service less reliable which is a serious problem during election season.

He called the changes “sabotage” that must be undone.

“The idea of voting by mail or encouraging that is to help people during the pandemic,” Rep. Higgins said. “People are not supposed to be assembled in close proximity to each other, and why would you want to sabotage that?”

Earlier this month, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced more overtime, transportation, and other measures to ensure that election mail arrives on time.

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