A few days after Congressman Chris Collins announced he would actively run for re-election, his campaign is on the air with the first attack ad against democratic opponent Nathan McMurray.

Collins’ campaign took a video, taken by McMurray of him speaking in Korean ahead of the North Korea- United States Summit and added misleading subtitles. The ad implied McMurray sent jobs to China and Korea.

In a written statement sent to News 4, Collins’ Campaign explains the attack ad.

This is a real video of Nate McMurray that he removed from social media because he didn’t want to defend his efforts to promote a Korean-U.S. Free Trade Agreement that shipped nearly 100,000 U.S. jobs overseas,” said Collins campaign spokeswoman Natalie Baldassarre. “Nate McMurray needs a new video to explain why he opposes President Trump’s policies that are protecting American jobs and American workers.  Hopefully, he’ll leave that video up.” 

McMurray calls the fabricated attack ad despicable.

“t’s manipulative, he’s taking something that he doesn’t own to try to twist it in a way to confuse people about what it’s about,” said McMurray.

McMurray spent years in South Korea teaching U.S. Law. He also represented American Business in South Korea and helped Korean companies operate in America.

McMurray says he did not send jobs to foreign countries, but rather created jobs in America by representing U.S. business interests in Asia.

Political analyst Carl Calabrese calls the ad a good strategy.

“It’s a calculated strategy because you then put your opponent in a terrible defensive position, he can’t respond because he doesn’t have the money, you’re defining him, when he does raise enough money to respond, he’s got to kind of undo what you did,” said Calabrese.

McMurray told News 4 he intends to fight back.

“We are going to fight, but we’re going to fight on facts and reality, we’re not going to lie, we’re not going to cheat. Nno matter how much money he spends, he cannot make people forget the fact that he’s indicted,” said McMurray.

As the race for 27 heats up, Calabrese says to expect more attacks, a big turnout of democrats and a race that could be anyone’s game.

“Now we’re going to see a real race, now we’re going to see people really start to pay attention. If I were in charge of the Collins’ campaign that’s the assumption I would make, let us assume at best an even race,” said Calabrese.