ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)—Now that New York’s legislative session is coming to an end, campaign season is in full swing.

Outside of the Capitol building in Albany, Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin, spoke out against gun legislation that passed in the state legislature Thursday night.

“I have long opposed the microstamping bill,” explained Zeldin. “I continue to oppose the microstamping legislation. If I was the governor right now, I would veto it. It’s one of those feel good bills. Something happens and there is a desire to do something, to do anything.”

Microstamping imprints a microscopic etching of alphanumeric code on the casing of the bullet, which Democratic lawmakers say would help law enforcement track down the gun’s owner.

On Thursday Rob Astorino, another Republican candidate for governor, also visited the Capitol. He too criticized additional gun legislation. He said more needs to be done when it comes to mental health.

“The mental health system is completely broken in New York State,” stated Astorino. “We all know that, but yet that’s not apart of the do something conversation by the democratic majority here. It’s just let’s add more laws that haven’t worked in the past, and we will just keep doing that. Unfortunately, they are trying to convince people that that’s the cure-all and it’s not.”

Candidate Harry Willson also commented on the end of session.

“Once again Albany failed to address the major challenges facing New York: rampant crime, sky high taxes and an unaffordable cost of living,” said Wilson in a statement.

News 10 reached out to candidate Andrew Giuliani, but did not get a response.