Resourceful dog runs away from home, returns with bag of food after Harvey

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(CBS) – When Salvador Segovia’s German shepherd mix, Otis, got loose and disappeared from his backyard Friday night, the Sinton, Texas, resident didn’t completely panic.

After all, this isn’t the first time the dog has ventured out on his own.

Otis is well-known in the small town of 5,000.

“Otis is like the town dog,” local resident Tiele Dockens told CBS News. “I’ve seen him at high school football games, he goes to the local Dairy Queen for cones, he even sits outside the courthouse. He’s kind of everywhere.”

But Segovia has never witnessed his dog do something quite like he did this weekend — and he wouldn’t have believed it if there wasn’t proof.

On Saturday morning, Otis was spotted on his way home hauling an entire bag of dog food with his teeth.

Dockens was driving around town to examine the storm damage with her husband around 10 a.m. when she saw the dog. Her husband stopped the car so she could snap a picture.

“He was carrying a whole big bag of dog food, just prancing along,” Dockens described. “He looked so cute coming across the street.”

Dockens posted the picture on Facebook, and within five minutes she received confirmation — the dog was in fact Otis.

“The owner said he had gotten out. He was calling for him and then saw him heading back with dog food he got from a lumber store from across the street,” Dockens said. “Sometimes the [store] owner sets out dog food he can’t sell behind the store.”

Dockens followed the dog to make sure he got home safe. Otis walked right up to the door and delivered the giant bag of food.

Segovia couldn’t believe it.

“I’ve never seen him do anything like that before,” he told Dockens. “He’s a really smart dog. Smart, but really curious.”

Dockens couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, which she calls a welcome relief as Harvey continues to pound the region.

“I just think it’s such a positive thing. There is so much devastation down here now,” Dockens said. “This sends such a positive message. As humans or animals, we’re survivors. We’re meant to thrive.”

As soon as the small town starts to recover, Dockens says she plans to visit Otis.

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