Restaurants now have the option to operate at capacity if they welcome only vaccinated patrons; many local restaurant owners say they’re not going along with it


Husband and wife duo, Dave and Nadine Dischner, operate 99 Brick Oven in Lancaster. They say they plan to stay the course and keep at the current capacity restrictions of 75 percent instead of going full capacity for vaccinated only customers. 

“Not knowing who is vaccinated, and who is not vaccinated, we would rather air on the side of safety and caution, than to just throw caution to the wind and just hurt everybody,” said Nadine Dischner co-owner of 99 Brick Oven in Lancaster. “That would get us nowhere and set us backwards even.”

But, they still have to contend with an ever-changing mask mandate, the state says un-vaccinated people have to stay masked. 99 Brick Oven is going the path of the honor system. 

“Just come in with your mask until you’re seated. That’s all we ask. When you do come in, you wear your mask until your seated and then take it off like normal,” said Dischner.

It’s a similar situation at the Park Vue Soul Food restaurant. They’re located near the border of Cheektowaga and Buffalo.

The family restaurant is keeping the current capacity restrictions, but are trying to come up with ideas on how to make sure un-vaccinated folks stay masked. 

“Anyone can still come in and dine. Whether or not you wear the face mask is the question. And we’re working on the logistics and we hope to have everything ironed out by tonight,” said Harrita West, who operates Park Vue Soul Food with her parents. “Some of the things we’ve been throwing around is a wrist band. I don’t know. “

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