Rideshare woes: navigating Uber at New Era Field


Rideshare woes after a busy Saturday night after the Jay-Z and Beyonce concert at New Era Field. 

Thousands of people were in Orchard Park for the show,  but it was a mess for a lot of people to get home. 

For people who chose to get home via ride-share — some say they spent more on that one ride, than the ticket to the concert itself.

Ridesharing is relatively new to Buffalo, so for people who chose that way to get home from the big show on Saturday, some were surprised to learn about “surge” pricing. Many people telling us they spent upwards of $150 dollars just for one way home. 

Carmen Thompson and her son Jordan had no problem getting to the show on Saturday. Thompson said, “It was beautiful. We left early enough so we didn’t have traffic problems, I was able to drop us off right at the stadium, in the gate.” 

Thompson doesn’t drive. and was happy to pay the $25 dollar fare from her Buffalo home to the show in Orchard Park. 

It was after eleven at night by the time they left the stadium after the concert. Thompson says finding the Uber pick up was no easy feat. 

“So now, we’re walking in circles trying to figure out how to get to this ECC South Parking lot,” Thompson said. 

The ride share pick up changed this year, to the West End of the ECC South campus for concerts and for Bills games. Thompson said she walked more than a mile to get to the pick-up spot, and then, no cars were available. “So we’re sitting there for a half hour to 45 minutes, we finally can get the Uber to come and they say $155 dollars at first.”

Thompson hadn’t heard of surge or “dynamic” pricing before, which means the cost of your ride goes up, when a lot of people are asking for rides at one time. 

Thompson said, “There was no way around it, by that time, because we had walked all of that way, .my feet were killing me and I just wanted to be home.”

Surge pricing is something the company says they’re transparent about: 

In a statement, the company says “Our goal is to make sure people can always push a button and get a ride within minutes — even during a big event. Dynamic pricing ensures New Yorkers will always have a reliable ride and real time information to make the best travel choice for them.”

Yber representatives say you could see surge pricing at Buffalo Bills games too. 

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