Roswell doctors develop new medicine that could ease treatment for aggressive form of brain cancer


A team of two doctors, at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, have developed a new type of Immunotherapy to help patients with Glioblastoma, a type of brain cancer.

The treatment is called SurVaxM. It helps a person’s immune system attack tumor cells. The results form the first phase of testing showed those newly diagnosed with Glioblastoma had a longer survival time when treated.

This vaccine treatment was designed as a less toxic alternative to traditional cancer treatments

“It works similar to how you think a flu vaccine works,” said Michael Ciesielski, Chief executive officer of MimiVax. MimiVax is a Roswell Park spinoff company spearheading the clinical trial. “It’s a shot in the arm and it stimulates your own immune system to hunt down and attack tumor cells using t-cells and antibodies, and parts of your own immune system to help identify those tumor cells.”

MimiVax received $10 million from Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Co. to continue with the next phase of its trails.

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