Two years after Ruth Murray was attacked and killed by another patient at the Emerald South Nursing Home, her family is calling for the place to be shut down. 

This comes just one day after William Strasner, 87, died after trying to escape from his third floor room in the building. 

Ruth Murray’s family fought for “Ruthies Law”  to better protects senior citizens at nursing homes in Erie County.
Now, after yet another death at the same nursing home, they worry their work was in vain.

Her daughter, Carol Kuszniaj said, “here we are again. Another death in the same nursing home, along with low standards in patient care.”

Ruth Murray’s daughter Carol is still in shock hearing of another death at Emerald South. 

It brings her back to what happened  almost two years ago, to her own mom.; 

“Her injuries, they were just too severe, and she died three days later.”

In August 2016 Ruth Murray was beaten by another patient on the third floor, for dementia patients. 

It’s the same floor where William Strasner was staying. Police say he tried on Monday to escape from his window, and fell 30 feet to his death:

“They really need to shut this place down before another person dies, and who knows what we don’t know, what’s happening behind closed doors.”

Rochelle Jones says her mother Catherine is in Emerald South and was a neighbor of William Strasner. 

She said, “She doesn’t really say much when she’s there, she calls it, “the jail house.”

She says the conditions are, “not fit for humans,” and she wants to get her mother out. 

“I hope that you people are making this known about this nursing home, and that poor man who jumped out the window.”

Statewide, nursing homes average two and half deficiencies for every 100 beds.

But State health records show emerald south averages 27.6, which is 11 times more than the average nursing home in the state.

Now both women want to give the people inside this building a voice.

Carol Kuszniaj says shes still working to bring Ruthie’s Law to places outside of Erie County. 

Meanwhile, Buffalo Police and the State Health Department are both  investigating this latest death. 
Emerald South tells us they have, “no comment” on the investigation at this time.