BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) —  The Buffalo Sabres are back in action, starting their season at home against the Montreal Canadiens.

“Our fans have shown year in and out that they love hockey and it’s great for us and them,” said Michael Gilbert, the Sabres Vice President of Administration.

“I’m kicking off the first morning skate of this season,” said Suzanne Taylor, a season ticketholder.

She’s in the fan store, gearing up for the game too. She says she’s been a Sabres fan since she was about 9-years-old and season ticketholder since moving to Buffalo.

“We’re from Toronto and we moved in [19]68,” said Taylor, smiling.  “I tell everyone it’s so we could get hockey tickets!”

The team is doing a few new things this season – something Taylor says she has noticed. They have new food; new lighting; new wi-fi; a new app. And they have a new way for ticketholders to get into games — it’s all digital.

Season ticketholders can access tickets in a few ways – print them at home, transfer them via email, or access them via their Sabres ticketholder card.

“It’s the wave of the future,” said Taylor.  “It’s just how sports and attending games is evolving. We’re ahead of the curve right now and we want to stay ahead of that.”

Taylor says she thinks it’ll make attending games easier.

“Whenever I bring anyone to the game, I go to will call and drop off their ticket so this’ll save us a trip to will call window,” said Taylor.

She says she’s enjoying the progress off of the ice and hoping, soon, she’ll see some on it.

“This is going to be a year when we get at least so much closer to the playoffs than we have in previous years,” said Taylor.  “It’s going to be that much more exciting to be going to the games.”