Sean McDermott: 4 Notable Quotes – Bills Vs. Ravens

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It’s officially game win for the Bills and they’re gearing up for a Week 1 showdown on the road against the Baltimore Ravens.

Running back LeSean McCoy played in only one preseason game with his only action coming against the Browns in Week 2.  He’s entering his 10th year in the league and was named a team captain for the first time in his tenure with the Bills. Head Coach Sean McDermott had high praise for the running back on Wednesday.

Sean McDermott: 4 Notable Quotes

Q: Sean, can you give us a sense of how important LeSean McCoy is to this current Bills team given the stature of his veteran presence and all the things that surround him?

McDermott: “I think you hit the nail on the head with respect to LeSean. He’s developing. I’ve watched him since he was younger, like I’ve said before, to now. I appreciate his leadership within our team. He’s got a good grasp on the offense, he’s playing fast, he looks like he’s in better shape even than he was a year ago. I think he’s been off to a real fine start.”

Q: You mentioned that you go way back with LeSean, obviously. How have you seen him grow into becoming a captain of your team?

McDermott: “Really, it’s the day-to-day approach to his craft. [He] comes in early in the morning, wants to learn, wants to have a firm grasp of our offense and the defense he’s going to face, particularly this week with the Ravens, a very good defense. Just the way he then performs on the field with the effort. You see him take hand-offs just like I do and he’s taking a hand-off that doesn’t appear to be different from a normal hand-off, but he’s taking it and going 20, 25 yards every time he gets the ball in his hands; that really speaks to his habits on the field, which I think [are] outstanding.”

Q: The last time that your starting offensive line played a game, it wasn’t a good night for the whole offense; it wasn’t all on them, the five sacks obviously, but what’s your level of confidence on where they are in your partially rebuilt group going into this first game?

McDermott: “Yeah, they’ll be ready to go. They’re prepared, just like our entire team, with respect to making sure we’re ready to go. There’s a lot of different looks that the Ravens defense presents: different fronts, different looks with the disguise behind the fronts, so we’re hard at work right now trying to get a good understanding of what that is and then how we have to play off of that.”

Q: Sean, it seems like there’s not a whole lot of outside faith in this team; Vegas [odds] have you as the worst team in the league for the season. How much do you use that as motivation for your players?

McDermott: “We’re just focused on the Ravens. [There is] one game right now, [and] we’re focused on the Ravens.”


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