BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – New York’s junior senator is promoting a project that would cover a section of the Kensington Expressway – which cut a trench through what was Humboldt Park nearly 60 years ago. Now it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.

It would also provide jobs for that neighborhood.

Sen. Gillibrand says the $1 trillion infrastructure package would include a build local, hire local program.

Designed to provide hiring preferences for workers in underserved and disadvantaged neighborhoods when a road or highway project is planned.

In the case of the Kensington Expressway, a neighborhood group, restore our community coalition has been urging state and local officials to undo the damage done to their neighborhood when the highway was built, by building a deck over Route 33.

It would be an expensive project, and that is where Sen. Gillibrand’s build local hire local would come in.

“These investments in equity and sustainability will save us money in the long run and create good jobs in the process,” Sen. Gillibrand said.

The senate has already passed the infrastructure bill, but it faces tough sledding in the house.

State transportation officials have started conducting an environmental impact study – a necessary step before planning can get underway.

Neighborhood organizers say that covering the Route 33 Expressway would allow the Humboldt Park section to heal and mend itself – and it would reduce carbon emissions from car exhausts.