BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — City Honors students filled a federal courtroom Monday in what was expected to be the sentencing for Peter Hingston.

Judge Richard Arcara told the courtroom he was originally prepared to hand down a sentence, but that changed after he received an unprecedented amount of phone calls, emails and letters demanding justice for Hingston’s victims and asking that he gets no leniency.

As a result, Arcara adjourned today’s sentencing for a later date to be determined in order to review everything. He told the court “there’s a lot I need to work through.”

“Clearly the events of the past week have been making an impact,” said City Honors alumnus Patrick Swain. “Making the voices heard, making the voices of the victims heard throughout the Buffalo community and beyond is what we have been going for.”

This is the second time Hingston’s sentencing has been adjourned. Arcara said he needed more time to think about everything after hearing from both the prosecution and defense during the original sentencing date on July 19.

Hingston pleaded guilty to two charges of child pornography last year. In 2019, Buffalo police were called to City Honors where Hingston was working as a middle school technology teacher. There, they recovered sexually explicit photos of minors on a GoPro, and child pornography videos on a hard drive.

“I have a friend who was a victim of his, and she’s totally different now after his abuse,” said City Honors alumna Valerie Juang. “She said that she is so afraid she is going to leave her house and see this man again. I told her not to worry, because there is no need to worry since he was in jail now and that he’s going away. But she told me, who’s to say he’s not going to come back out in seven years and I’m going to have to live my life in fear that I’m going to see my abuser again?”

The Government’s Amended Sentencing Memorandum and Response to Defendant’s Sentencing Memorandum show a guideline sentence for this crimes between 17.5 and 24 years. Hingston’s attorney’s are asking for seven years behind bars.

“I understand the judge’s concerns over the emotive aspects of our testimony,” Juang said. “I also ask him to really see the evidence that Hingston is a premeditated abuser who cannot be allowed to walk our streets again.”

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