Shaq Lawson gives special Christmas surprise to student athletes in Niagara Falls


It wasn’t your typical day at wrestling practice for Javion and Jesiere Carter. 

They’re both student athletes at Niagara Falls High School. After school on Thursday,  they went to the field house for wrestling practice.

They did a couple of laps around the gym to get warmed up, that’s when  suddenly the principal walked in with a special guest — Buffalo Bills’ Shaq Lawson.

The siblings lost their mom in 2014, when she died during child birth. Since then, their dad Terry says life has not been easy for them.

“They’re some strong boys, they’ve managed to keep their grades up, and they’ve managed to go to school and keep their attendance up, and keep driving and pushing forward to continue to live,” said Terry Carter.

Loss is something Shaq can relate to.

“I was 16 when I lost my father, so I was kind of around the same age,” said Lawson. “Me as a kid, I used to get the same help from people for Christmas, during times like this. So, I told myself if I ever had a platform to do it I would do the same thing.”

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