Shea’s Buffalo hosting a virtual summer camp for kids and grownups


Things like zoomsicles, which is a musical on Zoom, acting classes and musical theater courses are just a few of the things that will be available with the click of a mouse for summer campers this year.

Many education programs at Shea’s Buffalo have been postponed this year because of the pandemic, but the leadership at Shea’s decided to keep the summer program going. This year, they’re offering a virtual program for kids and adults.

“Young people will start the morning with sun salutations, that’s something we always do as warm ups, because with acting you always have to do warmups, and that will be live with an instructor in real time,” said Thembi Duncan, director of arts and engagement and education Shea’s Buffalo. “And then they’ll move on to course work.”

They’ll even have homework that includes a zoomsicle.

“That’s a musical on zoom, so collaborators come together, sing a piece or dance a piece, and an editor comes in after and edits it together as if they were all in the same room,” she said. “So it definitely requires technical support and that’s something we’ll be providing.”

And, if parents are missing that “alone time” — they get when their kids are out of the house for camp, don’t worry Shea’s got something for that too.

“Parents should join our summer camp for grownups, our theater camp, then they get an opportunity to focus on their own creativity and then maybe in turn they can come up with some ways to get more me time,” said Duncan.

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