BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – A brand new mural is up in downtown Buffalo- and it urges viewers to “Keep Buffalo a Secret”.

The cheeky message originated as a t-shirt design by Buffalo-based lifestyle brand Oxford Pennant.

“When we have an idea we laugh at or are amused by, we usually execute it,” Oxford Pennant co-founder David Horesh said. “Earlier this summer, we made a t-shirt that said “Keep Buffalo a Secret”, and we posted a couple of photos on Instagram.”

The t-shirt caught the eye of the owner of 810 Main St. (the former Artvoice building), Horesh said.

“He came into the store and bought a t-shirt,” Horesh recalled. “When he was checking out, he said ‘you know, this would be a really cool mural’, and then I got an email in my inbox the next morning.”

Putting the mural up was a quick process. They worked with local muralist Ian De Beer and had it up in the course of about six or seven hours last week, Horesh said.

The response has been mostly positive, with a little bit of negativity Horesh attributes to the mural’s message being confused.

“I love Buffalo- I don’t actually want to keep Buffalo a secret,” Horesh said. “The idea that Buffalo is kind of an overlooked city is charming because it gives you an opportunity to surprise people.”

“Those of us know live here know that it’s a vibrant city- it’s a great place to raise a family, the food’s awesome, we get all four seasons, and it’s a really wonderful place to live,” Horesh said. “When friends come to visit, they’re like this place is incredible, I can’t believe you live here.”

Last winter, Oxford Pennant hosted a “Warmest Cold City” contest. The prize was a free trip to Buffalo with plenty of WNY activities- but the winner had to visit during winter.

“This is a cold weather city, but most people come to visit in the summer when they tour,” Horesh said. “We thought what better way to show it at its best than in the winter.”

Oxford Pennant manufactures custom pennants, banners, and shirts, and all of it is manufactured in Buffalo.

You can check out their shop at 731 Main St., or their online store here.