So fetch! Mean Girls the musical launches national tour in Buffalo


On Wednesday’s we wear pink, and today we’re looking ahead to the launch of the new, national tour of Mean Girls, the musical. The show starts in Buffalo, Saturday.

Tina Fey’s Mean Girls is transformed, but many in the cast said you’ll recognize the characters and many of the scenes from the iconic 2004 movie. The choreography and vocals make it truly come alive.

“The vocal prowess of this show is unmatched,” Jonalyn Saxer said, who plays Karen, one of the Plastics.

The cast rehearsed for about a month, in NYC, before coming to Buffalo.

“We haven’t had an audience yet,” Danielle Wade said, who plays the lead Cady Heron.” And how cool that we get to have an audience for the first time and people should be there. Please come see it… we need people to see it.”

“We’re all so stoked to have an audience finally, because it’s a comedy so it’s all about that connection that you make with the audience for this type of show,” Kabir Bery said, who plays Kevin Gnapoor. So we’re really excited and Shea’s is such a beautiful theater. I walked in, and my mouth was open for at least five minutes just in awe of everything. It’s beautiful.”

And when the cast isn’t rehearsing and performing, you better bet they’re indulging in Buffalo’s finest. Many got wings on one of their first nights in town.

Mean Girls will debut on Saturday. There are two shows on both Saturday and Sunday, and four shows next week. For tickets, click here.

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