Son of Norwich Fire Chief killed in head-on motorcycle crash in Town of Cambria


A 23-year-old man is dead after he was hit head-on by an SUV in Niagara County. 

Niagara county sheriff’s deputies say a 19-year-old woman crossed over the center line one Saunders

Settlement Road in the Town of Cambria. 

Police say she hit Bradley Chawgo from Lockport, head on. He was thrown off the Honda motorcycle he was driving. 

The Niagara County Sheriff says this woman was pregnant and admits she may have fallen asleep at the wheel. 

Meanwhile we’re learning Chawgo, who died at the scene, had just moved to the area. He’s the son of the Fire Chief in Norwich, New York. Sheriff Jim Voutour says Chawgo he couldn’t have seen this car coming. 

It was the last post on Chawgo’s Facebook wall:  “look twice and save a life,” reminding drivers of motorcycle awareness month. 

But eerily enough its how he would lose his life late Monday night. 

Voutour said, “It appears the SUV slowly and gradually crossed the center lane and the motorcycle probably had no chance to avoid it.” 

Niagara county Sheriff Jim Voutour says the crash happened just before 11, Monday. On impact, Chawgo was ejected from his bike.

The motorcycle became lodged under the SUV, caught fire and was dragged for 100 feet. Police don’t believe speed was a factor here. 

Voutour said, “We’ve all had those motorcycles pass us on the 990, or the 290 going 110 miles an hour. This crash last night is an exception. This is someone who fell asleep. No indications the motorcycle was speeding or doing anything wrong.”

As of last month, a new state law says anyone involved in a fatal crash must comply with a drug test. 

Voutour said, “There are no signs of intoxication, and she did say she was extremely tired, and thought she fell asleep.” 

Police don’t see any evidence of texting or driving, either. 

This is the first serious crash for the Sheriff’s Office in recent weeks. 

Saunders Settlement Road  is one of the two thoroughfares between Lockport and Niagara Falls. 

But, since January  2016, Voutour says this has been the only fatal crash. Now, he wants both cars and bikers, to take responsibility on the road. 

Voutour said, “As much as we tell our cars, “hey look, it’s warm out, motorcycles are out, motorcycles have to take some responsibility too- to slow down.”

The SUV and motorcycle are completely destroyed. The driver of the SUV is not facing any charges as of Tuesday, but the investigation is still on going. 

She was taken to Mount St. Mary’s Hospital to be evaluated, but investigators report she was not hurt.

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