Special classrooms in Niagara Falls cater to children with developmental delays


NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — In Mrs. Barto’s classroom, there’s a special emphasis on the speech and language needs of all the learners.

“Working with students with communication needs, speech and language delays. daily living skills, and some are on the autism spectrum,” said Kate Barto, Cataract Elementary School Special Education Teacher.

It’s one of two classrooms at Cataract Elementary that provides extra attention and individualized behavior plans for each student with special needs.

“A typical day is based on rotations so we group the students based on need usually there’s 3-4 students in a group and they will rotate between myself and the two associates throughout the day,” said Jennifer Korzelius, Cataract Elementary School Special Education Teacher.

In class, teachers work on student behavior through positive reinforcement.

“When a child is having an issue or is in crisis we have rooms to go to, we have calm down area with sensory toys and things to play with to calm them down and bring them back,” said Barto.

Teachers cater to twenty different students and a variety of needs.

“Each one of these children are taught based on what they need so no two students are doing the same thing. Every child is getting what that child needs,” said Korzelius.

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