SPRINGVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB)–A family in Springville is lending their RV to a nurse who is working on the frontlines treating COVID 19 patients. 

The RV was dropped off Saturday and will help Aaron Shanahan, his wife and their three kids. 

Aaron says he doesn’t want to put his family at risk while he treats covid 19 patients, but didn’t want to be too far away from them either, so this helps them find that balance. 

Aaron a nurse who works at Mercy hospital but is volunteering to work at St. Joe’s, inside the covid 19 treatment center. 

Aaron’s job puts him at a higher risk for contracting covid 19, and he doesn’t want his family exposed to the disease. 

So aaron and his wife Jessica applied to get an RV for Aaron to live in temporarily. 

They signed up for RVs for MDs on Facebook and were matched shortly after with a family from Springville. 

Aaron says this will prevents him from having to live away from his family during this time, and for that he says he’s incredibly thankful. 

“It’s amazing, it shows what kind of people we really have in this country. Willing to sacrifice something if their own to help others. They’re not going to be there on the floor but they’re there helping my so I can be on the floor. It’s a powerful thing seeing people caring for others in every way they can,” Shanahan said.

The RVs for MDs Facebook page matches up frontline healthcare workers in need of an RV with RV owners who are willing to lend their RVs.

The family who is lending this RV says they would’ve driven within 150 miles to drop this off to a healthcare worker who needed it.