Marion Ahles, who turned 103 years old, got a bag full of marshmallows and a smore’s kit for her birthday on Wednesday.

The centenarian was joined by both her son and daughter.
And, I asked her one important question: What everybody wants to know is… what’s your secret? You’re 103!

“Oh, I just enjoy every day,” she said.

Marion says some of her other secrets to longevity are apple cider vinegar, honey

“She wants to know about marshmallows,” said her daughter Donna Schweikert.

“Ha, ha, they’re my favorite,” said Marion.

by ANGELICA A. MORRISON / WIVB Marion Ahles, celebrates her 103rd birthday with family, friends and local officials.

“I have seen her at a campfire, eat 19 toasted marshmallows in one night” said Schweikert. “For the holidays and her birthdays, the children send her chocolate covered marshmallows, she loves Easter peeps and Halloween peeps. Marshmallows are on top of her list.”

Marion has quite the resume she’s lived in Springville most of her life.

She’s worked as a machinist making parts for military air crafts during World War II. And she founded and managed the Springville Rifle and Pistol Club.

But With two children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, family has always been a priority.

“She’s been so helpful over the years, and has always concerned about the family, and we just appreciate that and love her for it,” said her son Dan Ahles .