State and local leaders weigh-in on the George Floyd death and protests in Minnesota


Local and state leaders spoke out against the controversial death of George Floyd and the riots and protests that followed in Minneapolis.  

“Enough is enough. How many times do you have to see the same lesson replayed before you do something. This country is better than this, it has been better than this, and it shouldn’t take this long to end basic discrimination and basic injustice,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown found the video of the George Floyd incident difficult to watch.

“As a black man, as father, as an uncle, as mayor for 15 years watching a whole generation of young black men and women grow up in this community, it was incredibly painful to watch,” Brown said. “What happened to George Floyd was an incredible act of brutality and violence, that senselessly took his life. There’s no need however for the kind of violence and vandalism that we are seeing in Minneapolis.”

Poloncarz released a full page statement, diving into the topic of racism.. Saying in part. “We also cannot deny the systemic racism that exists in our country. We as a nation cannot ignore this issue. This is not an African-American issue. This is an American issue.” Full Poloncarz statement —

As Minneapolis and other municipalities try to move forward mayor Brown is encouraging folks to find positive channels for their emotions and to participate in an open dialogue about race. 

“I would encourage the public to have meetings to talk it out, to come forward with their recommendations, not only in this community but in communities all across the country,” Brown said. “Hearing from people and what they recommend, what they suggest to improve what we’re doing is critically important.” 

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