EAST AURORA, N.Y. (WIVB) — As the weather is warming up and summer is right around the corner, people are thinking about vacation. Police say the warmer temperatures bring out more criminal activity.

“If the opportunity is there and they can twist the doorknob and open it up or find the key, they’re going to come in,” said New York State Trooper Jim O’Callaghan as he is taking us through how quickly burglaries can happen. “When they do, they’re going to take anything they can out of here as fast as they can.”

The trooper says every day, hundreds of dollars worth of items are being stolen from homes, sheds, garages, and cars in every community in our region.

“When someone rifles through that stuff to look or steal or take things from you, it feels like a very private invasion,” said Trooper O’Callaghan. “It’s so close to your home because it is your home.”

The State Police Trooper says too many people are offering opportunities to become victims of these.

“A lot of our crimes are due to the simple thing that people aren’t locking their stuff up,” said the state police official. “It comes to down to this – a simple lock will deter most of these crimes.”

Here are all the tips from the trooper:         – Lock car and house doors        – Put a lock on shed        – Turn on light at night        – Don’t post travel plans on social media        – Have someone get your mail

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