Story of survival: Buffalo woman shot in face publishes book


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A local woman is out with a book, describing the harrowing moments she was shot in the face, and survived.

We first introduced you to Wendy Ponzo three years ago, while she was in the process of writing that book. The finished story is called, ‘The Girl I was Then & The Woman I Am Now.’

“You have to have clear vision on what you want in life,” Ponzo said. “Nobody is going to give it to you, you have to go and get it.”

Ponzo has a clear vision of where life is headed today. She’s a mother of four, and said being a mom is her number one ‘purpose.’ Ponzo is also an author. Her story is one of survival, and finding that purpose.

“While my life has been a difficult journey, it has certainly became my truth,” Ponzo said, reading from her book.

In 2011, when Ponzo was just 23 years old, she woke up to her boyfriend at the time having what looked like a seizure. Wendy called 911.

“(He was) just shaking and foaming at the mouth.”

A short time later, the man she had been with for more than a year was pointing a gun at her head. He pulled the trigger, and the bullet went in next to her nose and came out near her jaw. She ran for her life, and her former boyfriend turned the gun on himself, killing him. Wendy was rushed to the hospital and wasn’t sure she would survive.

“I thought I was going to be dead upon arrival,” she said.

Ponzo still has questions today about that life-changing moment, but writing her book has helped her heal, and she hopes it helps others too.

“Everybody has a story to tell, so if you choose to tell it and make it known, you never know who you’re helping.”

She’s now focusing on being a mother, sharing her story with others and starting a clothing line called, Boss Lady Clothing. She’s found her purpose, and is sharing her truth.

On Saturday, February 8, Wendy will be holding a book signing in Buffalo. It will be held at The Oakk Room at 1435 Main St, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Her book is available here. For more information on Wendy Ponzo, click here.

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