EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — With a touch of magic, one El Pasoan is hosting what she calls an escape for the community amid the pandemic, while also honoring the victims and survivors of the August 3, 2019 shooting at the Walmart store located near Cielo Vista Mall.

It’s the wizarding world of Harry Potter, Airbnb style. It’s where you can find props like wands, cloaks, and mysterious footsteps that lead you to your escape with a bit of magic.

“At the end of the day we have issues, we have problems, but we still have that hope that we could be happy again and do what we have to do,” Adria Gonzalez, the host of the Harry Potter Airbnb said.

Gonzalez said it’s to help all El Pasoans escape from many grim realities we’ve been facing this past year.

“To the living room, to the bathroom, to the flooring, to the seats, everything. They’re actually amazed at how magical it is,” Gonzalez shared.

Gonzalez said the idea was sparked after the Cielo Vista Walmart shooting. Being a survivor from that day, she said she wanted to help uplift the community from those dark moments.

“I got depression after the shooting. I just wanted to find something else. Something to get my mind out of what happened that morning. I got inspired by Harry Potter because it’s magic. It’s an inspiration,” Gonzalez shared.

Due to the pandemic, Gonzalez puts more emphasis on the detail cleaning around the Airbnb.

“With the COVID-19 we’re really picky with that. We actually clean with details to the floor, to the tables, to everything that we have inside the Harry Potter Airbnb,” Gonzalez explained.

The main hope: to provide an escape for El Pasoans, “Just to see something different and feel like you’re not in El Paso. You’re just in the world of Harry Potter.”

For booking information and to check out more info about the Harry Potter-themed Airbnb, click here.