Suspended Buffalo officer has long disciplinary record


Officer DeLong has 36 events on his disciplinary card, including a dozen complaints for use of force.

Buffalo Police Lt. Mike DeLong, who is serving a 30-day suspension for making a misogynist insult at a woman recording a police encounter last month, has a long disciplinary record.

News 4 Investigates obtained the personnel “disciplinary card” for Lt. DeLong, which is current as of July 1, 2020. These records are available for public scrutiny only because Gov. Andrew Cuomo repealed the 50a law, which for decades kept police personnel files secret.

DeLong was hired in 2000 and promoted to lieutenant in April 2012.

DeLong’s first complaint opened on Aug. 17, 2001, for use of force. That resulted in a conference with the commissioner in December of that year.

In total, DeLong has 36 events on his disciplinary card; a dozen of them relate to use of force. The dispositions in 10 cases were “sustained” or he was part of a conference with his superiors.”

DeLong was exonerated in two complaints and one was unfounded.

A total of 22 complaints were deemed “not sustained.” Not sustained means that the investigation failed to turn up enough evidence to prove or disprove the complaint.

His punishments included a total of 34 days on suspension without pay, according to the documents, for use of force and off-duty conduct, including a 2018 domestic incident.

On July 28, 2005, DeLong was the subject of a domestic violence complaint. The disposition noted on his disciplinary card states that the complaint was “not sustained,” and he was involved in another conference with superiors.

On July 17, 2017, and again on March 16, 2018, DeLong was the subject of two off-duty domestic complaints.

The 2017 complaint was not sustained, but the 2018 complaint was sustained. DeLong went through a triage hearing, where he got a 30-day suspension without pay.

The Buffalo Police Department did not include any other information or details about the 36 incidents, even though WIVB asked for his complete personnel file.

DeLong could not be reached for comment.

You can view DeLong’s entire disciplinary card by clicking here.

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