Swastika found carved into whiteboard in Nazareth dorm hallway


College officials are investigating after a hate symbol was found in a dorm hallway.

Nazareth officials say a swastika was found carved into a student’s whiteboard outside their dorm room.

The college is now investigating the incident.

In a statement, Nazareth President Daan Braveman wrote: “I want to be very clear. This incident is very serious and does not reflect the core values or mission of this institution. We  embrace differences and and seek to build a sense of belonging here on this campus and beyond. Currently we are doing everything we can to find the party or parties responsible, and we will hold them accountable.”

Braveman says Nazareth College is a welcoming environment that’s accepting of everyone’s views. He hopes this incident doesn’t define people’s opinions of the college going forward.

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