Sweet Jenny’s and 1811 Comics; A hidden gem in Williamsville


Holiday shopping is in full swing. But if your children, significant other, or anyone your shopping for is looking for something to bring them back to their childhood, there is somewhere you’ve got to check out.

“Dear Santa, I want a Wonder Woman doll for Christmas.”

If your children’s wish lists look something like this, hidden in the village of Williamsville is just the place for you.

Sweet Jenny’s Ice Cream and 1811 Comics are located right off of Main Street and it all started off with a simple idea.

Howard Cadmus, owner of both stores, tells News 4,” Like alot of people I loved comic books growing up. I attribute a lot of my success to comics and putting myself through school to comics. It made me a veracious reader and I want that for my kids now.

He says comic books have inspired him all throughout his life. He told News 4, “Everybody finds a hero that’s relatable to them. A lot of are from their mindset or their ideology, or because of their physical characteristics! Alot of police officers like Captain America, for me it was Wolverine. An ill tempered, short, superhero.

Especially now in 2018. Since the resurgence of Marvel comics and movies. Cadmus said, “You can’t go a single night without a TV show that’s a comic book property on and you can’t go a single month without a movie coming out that’s a comic book property. So it’s brought comic books back in a big way.

At the store they offer comic books and every Wednesday, new comics come in. Comic books from decades ago are kept in the shop , along with toys, action figures, games, and posters that coincide. Cadmus said, “It’s just a fun place to take your kids for a couple of hours. Its like a field trip, its like a field trip for the heart.

There is so much to see here at 1811 comics, it may seem like an impossible task. But Yoda says it best, “Do or do not, there is no try.”

Head down the stairs of the comic shop and find homeade, handmade, chocolates. Howard, his wife Tara, and their staff work day in and day out, especially around the holidays to provide a unique variation of chocolates. He explained, “We use a conveyor belt or a river of chocolate so it is very time consuming and we have alot of employees doing it but it’s very worthwhile. It’s just done the way its been done for umpteen years.”

It’s super enjoyable. Just ask their son Carter who never gets tired of mustache chocolate suckers and peanut butter ice cream.

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