Syracuse hospital has new tool to simulate heat exhaustion, heat stroke


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WIVB)– A Syracuse hospital has a new tool to simulate heat exhaustion and a heat stroke. This simulator breathes and has a pulse.

You can see the sweat dripping down, and the heart rate goes up.

With the weather we’re expecting, doctors say it could be you on this table if you’re not careful.

It is important to stay hydrated and recognize how much time outside is too much.

Stan Goettel of Upstate Medical University says,”one of the symptoms of heat exhaustion is that you get chills even out in the heat and then you start to shake and when you go from heat exhaustion to heatstroke, frequently they stop sweating they may be a little diaphoretic but if they go into full-blown seizures you know the brain is swelling and you know it is a life-threatening event.”

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