Taking your dog to the apple orchard


REXFORD, N.Y. (NEWS10) — In the fall, apple orchards are the place to be. If allowed, they’re also a great spot to bring the dogs, too. However, after months of being indoors like the rest of us, what’s the best way to bring your pet back out again? How do you handle highly populated locations?

Recently, a lot of people may have gotten new dogs or puppies and want to take them out, but haven’t had enough opportunities to get them out in a comfortable setting. The owner of Good Choice Dog Training, Rebecca Hutchins, says the lack of socializing will make it tough for your dog to be around crowds or little kids who are excited to see other animals.

Hutchins says you need to be extremely mindful of your dog’s body language and to check if their ears are back. Adding, if they seem a little worried or nervous, you want to give them their space.

“Going right into a dog’s space and patting them on the head isn’t always how a dog wants to be greeted,” Hutchins said.

For the owners, this can be an uncomfortable situation. Hutchins says don’t be afraid to say, “No.”

“Stay in front of your dog and speak up for your dog. Say, ‘Give me a second,’ and try to intercept as best you can,” Hutchins said. “The other thing you can do is just walk away with your dog and say, ‘Thanks, but we are kind of in the middle of something right now, if you don’t mind!’ And say, ‘come on let’s go!’ and get your dog moving away with you.”

Even if your dog isn’t bothered by much, sometimes taking those precautions are necessary.

The best approach? The trainer says to approach slowly, maybe not look at them at first and always ask the owners if they’re comfortable with you petting their dog.

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