Testimonies underway in case against man charged with setting ex on fire


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) –“He set me on fire” that’s what jurors heard this morning several times.

Those five words can be heard by Jessica Cameron as she appeared on footage from City of Tonawanda Police body cameras.

The jury saw several videos captured by body cameras from responding officers on December 17, 2018.

Cameron wasn’t in the courtroom but she was in a nearby room.

When the officers asked, who is he? You can see and hear Cameron laying on the ground being tended to by first responders, she answers, Jonathon White.

Several City of Tonawanda officers who responded to the scene testified today. One says when he got there, he first saw White sitting on the ground near the dumpster. That officer, officer Joseph Rank says he asked White what happened and testified that White answered, “take me to jail.”

Jurors also saw videos and pictures of Cameron minutes after she was allegedly set on fire. One officer described her covered in white, black, and gray from burns and powder from a fire extinguisher.

Lots of physical evidence was seen in court today. The jury saw burned clothes, including a burned black shirt with Jessica Cameron’s name tag still on it.

Officers who testified say these items were found near the dumpster where White is accused of setting her on fire.

The jury was also shown a plastic gas can in court.

A detective testified that the day after this incident, after getting a search warrant, he found two gas cans in a driveway outside of White’s apartment. The detective said one was nearly empty.

The defense argues that those gas cans don’t prove anything, that while police collected them as evidence, police didn’t test the cans for fingerprints.

White’s attorney, Joseph Terranova says those gas cans which were found outside near the backyard were in plain sight and accessible to anyone.

The detective testified that those cans weren’t tested because there was no way to tell who put gasoline in those cans.

Testimony will continue tomorrow morning. I’m told Cameron is expected to testify early tomorrow.

White is also expected to take the stand by tomorrow afternoon.

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