The African American community reacts to having their businesses vandalized, says there is a bigger issue


BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) – Dozens of businesses in Buffalo are cleaning up and repairing after being vandalized Saturday night, including businesses owned by women of color. Both business owners echo the same statement, that the riots take attention away from a major problem happening throughout the country, that’s racial brutality.

“It takes away from the bigger cause,” said Gloria Ofori who owns Glory Market on Elmwood. “What we’re fighting for it just kinda distracts it to now we have to focus on fixing windows.”

Ofori’s business was among dozens of others vandalized during Saturday’s riots.

“As you can tell I probably look tired, I haven’t had much sleep,” Ofori said. “It’s just something that’s such devastating to me both as a person of color and also as a business owner.”

Ofori’s issue with the riots is that people are forgetting the reason why the community is upset in the first place, because a Minneapolis police officer killed a black man. Christina Bishop who owns High Klass Hair on Allen street, feels the same way.

“Even before I learned about the salon being vandalized I woke up yesterday morning just crying because I just feel really unsettled,” Bishop said.

One of the windows at her salon was smashed. She says although fixing the window will be an inconvenience she says there are worse problems.

“I’ve been through a lot of things in my life so for me, I’m not sad about the window,” she said. “The window is a materialistic thing that can be replaced I’m sad at the reason why were here.”

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