The Cereal Spot- Buffalo’s first cereal café- is ready to serve up some sweet nostalgia


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Buffalo is known for its cereal-scented air- and now, a new spot on Hertel Avenue will satisfy cereal cravings.

“Our city smells like cereal, so we deserve a place where you can go get cereal,” said Eric Dacey, co-owner of The Cereal Spot, 1212 Hertel Avenue.

The spot is packed with imagery from cereal boxes- a colorful mural featuring mascots like the Trix rabbit and Lucky from the Lucky Charms box takes up the length of the space, and the tables look just like cereal boxes.

It’s the first cereal café in Buffalo- guests can choose from over 70 varieties of breakfast cereal, mixing and matching their own combinations and choosing add-ons like fresh fruit.

Eight types of milk are offered, including plant-based milks.

There are also 14 flavors of ice cream available, as well as baked goods from Buffalo-based bakery The Sweet Whisk.

Specialty creations include a Fruity Pebble cheesecake taco.

Dacey came up with the idea for the cereal café about 20 years ago.

He joined forces with fellow South Buffalo resident Ranger Korpanty to bring the idea to life.

“The cool thing about cereal is that it brings back a lot of nostalgic memories,” Korpanty said. “It gives an opportunity for a father and a son to have those experiences that they can pass on for generations.”

The Cereal Spot will create a place on Hertel Avenue where the under-21 crowd can go and have a delicious, Instagrammable experience.

“We chose Hertel Avenue for a lot of reasons- it’s definitely a “mom and pop” neighborhood, there are so many local storefronts,” Dacey said. “The one thing Hertel was missing was a place for the under-21 crowd- when we were building this place, we felt we could see a grandfather, a father, and a grandson sitting down and having a bowl of cereal.”

The mural, created by local artist Mic Excel, contributes some new artwork to Hertel’s expanding mural scene.

“We’re all about the community- what a better thing than to be in this artsy neighborhood and have one of their own paint an amazing mural for us,” Korpanty said.

The café will also carry cereal inspired treats, including popcorn from What’s Pop-In, and cereal-inspired gifts from local artists.

They have Bills QB Josh Allen’s signature cereal available, with a portion of the proceeds from each bowl going to Oishei Children’s Hospital.

The café will be open six days a week to start (closed Mondays) and will be open for mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Their grand opening starts at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

General Mills is providing an appearance by “Buzz the Bee” of Honey Nut Cheerios fame.

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