NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) — As the temperature drops,  Diane Nastasi helps those in need. Warming people’s hearts during the season of giving.

“We put our change everyday into this jar,” she said. Diane and her husband call this the “Christmas Jar.”

Each year the couple donates one to a family or cause in need.  

While deciding where this year’s jar would go, Diane was taken aback by a Facebook post about a 4-year-old battling Leukemia. 

“I saw on Sweet Buffalo the story about Jaziah and his battles, his mother being a single parent and I wanted to give my jar to her,” said Nastasi. 

For the past decade, Diane and her husband have made their donations anonymously but this year was different.

“He touched her heart and she just really wanted to meet him,” said Sweet Buffalo Founder, Kim Larussa.  They headed over to Jaziah’s Niagara Falls home,  Christmas jar and toys in hand. 

“There was an instant bond with him,” said Nastasi.  “My husband says to me you’re really attached to this little boy already.” 

Jaziah’s mother was blown away by the generosity.  “It’s amazing, out of the blue,” said his mother Jessica Ferguson.  “It’s amazing that she does this for people.”

“He was just so excited to get his toys that I brought him and I was glad I could make him smile that day,” said Nastasi.  

Jaziah is currently in remission. His mother thanks God for that – and thanks Nastasi for her sweet gesture. 

Meantime, Nastasi hopes she inspires others to create and give their own Christmas jar.  

“It doesn’t take much,” she said . “There’s no better feeling than to give back and help somebody,” she said. 

To donate to to Jaziah’s family head here.