BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – There is still no ride-sharing services in Buffalo—despite a concerted effort to bring it here–but there is bike-sharing in the Queen City.

Reddy Bikeshare is returning to Buffalo for its first full season, here, after getting off to a late start in the Nickel City, last year in July. The program is sponsored by Independent Health and Shared Mobility.

Work crews started setting up their bike racks across the city Monday, and Reddy Bikeshare officials are expecting big things this year. They have 200 bikes available for leisure and recreational use, which you can pick up at 35 different locations.

Cyclists took 12,000 trips on those bikes last year, but the Reddy folks are bracing for at least twice as many this year. Participants can sign up for one of two plans they have available, renting the two-wheelers by the month, or by the year, plus a pay by the minute charge after checking the bike out.

Spokesperson Jennifer White, said any time is the right time, “Our bikes are available 24/7 during the riding season. Sign up at reddybikeshare.com, choose your membership plan, and then you have access to all 200 anytime you want.”

White stressed, members can check out a bike at one location, and turn it in somewhere “at another Reddy rack location, or if it is more convenient for you, you can actually leave it parked at any bike rack or public infrastructure around the city.”

The University at Buffalo’s Amherst campus is also participating. Memberships are available starting next week, and Reddy Bikeshare is offering 50% off its annual memberships through the month of April, to get things rolling.