Tipico Coffee expands to the Elmwood Village


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Coffee lovers in search of a locally-roasted cup have a new place to get caffeinated.

A second Tipico Coffee location is officially open on Elmwood Avenue, next to Half-and-Half Boutique and across from Pano’s Restaurant.

“We wanted to come to a place where people were- we wanted to be right on the main drag, in the heart of the city,” Tipico Coffee co-owner Jesse Crouse said.

The new location has been totally redesigned, with vibrant colors and eye-catching light fixtures. It’s equipped with a large patio out front.

“When we first saw this space, it was basically a residential shell- we had to envision it completely,” Crouse said.

The shop offers premium fresh-roasted coffee and coffee drinks, as well as toasts and sandwiches similar to the original location. Beer and wine are also on the menu, and Crouse said they will re-evaluate the menu in a few months.

The original Tipico location on Fargo Avenue opened in 2015. It’s located a few blocks away from the Tipico roasting operation on Rhode Island Street.

Expanding to a second location means more people can enjoy the Tipico experience, but it also fits Crouse’s and co-owner Pete Herman’s vision for improving employment, Crouse added.

“One thing we’ve been really focusing on is becoming better and better employers,” Crouse said. “We wanted to increase the number of people we could employ.”

Crouse and Herman have connected with Compass House of Buffalo to have both cafes designated as “Safe Places” for youth in crisis.

“Our staff has been trained how to engage the youth, to get them into a safe place, and then reach out to Compass House to get them the support they need,” Herman said.

Tipico- literally, “typical” in Spanish- gets its name from the typical foods available throughout South America within open food markets, Herman added.

“It’s delicious and enjoyable but also accessible, which is what we’ve brought to Buffalo here,” Herman said.

The new Tipico Coffee is located at 1084 Elmwood Avenue.

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