A Niagara Falls restaurant owner puts business on hold until border restrictions ease up

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NIAGARA FALLS N.Y. (WIVB) – A Niagara Falls restaurant owner is temporarily closing business until the border restrictions ease up.

“Between my personal life and my work life, it’s just created a big hiccup,” said Emory Weber, who owns Third Street Retreat Eatery and Pub in Niagara Falls.

Weber has been running the restaurant for the last five years. He says between following the different health regulations and guidelines during the pandemic, and the border closures, he’s had to shut down multiple times.

“It’s been like four or 5 times open and close, open and close,” he said. “The tourists get frustrated, I know the tenants get frustrated.”

He said it also doesn’t help that his partner, Natasha, who’s a Canadian citizen, can’t cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

“At times I say, ‘hey we haven’t seen each other in 3 months lets meet in North Carolina’ and spend X amount of dollars rather than walk 6 minutes to each others house,” he said.

His restaurant is temporarily closed right now, and is hoping to open back up sometime next month. He says it’ll get easier once the border August 9th for fully vaccinated American, but believes it should open on both sides.

“It’s nice to have the fluidity of people crossing back and forth from an international market not just Canada but people coming from Toronto is a shorter drive then New York City,” he said.

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