Bills Mafia takes tailgate to Cleveland

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(WIVB)–They have a lot in common, Bills fans and Browns fans.
Both long suffering franchises. Put them together, and you have a tailgate party for the ages.

“We’re overtaking Cleveland. We are overtaking Cleveland. You thought Nashville was bad. Welcome to Cleveland. Bills county baby,” said Buffalo resident Ryan Bailey.

As if it were a scene straight out of Orchard Park, Bills fans made the trip down the 90. It was a complete Buffalo tailgate, right down to the food.

“We bought them over at Edie’s pizza. It’s just dry wings that we sauce up here and throw in the grill. They taste just like they came off the grill there. They do they taste like you just got them in buffalo. That’s right,” said Brandon Hafner from Hamburg.

“With the click of a button it’s so easy to get tickets these days,” said Nick Giammusso.

Giammusso runs VIP Tix, a third party ticketing service based in Buffalo.
He says 300 of his clients alone were at Sunday’s game and the ticketing game is so different now compared to when he started during the Bills glory days of the 90’s.

“Now with the secondary market, it is so opened up and mainstream, what the fans look for, it’s much easier to get those tickets in places outside of buffalo.”

It doesn’t hurt that the Bills enjoyed their best record at the midway point of the season since 1993.The playoffs are well in reach, and fans like Hodaya Soul know it.

“Every away game is a home game. This is Bills mafia town baby. Today it is. Every day. Every home game, every away game. Bills mafia. Bills town. Let’s go buffalo,” Soul said.

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