Buffalo man intends to sue the city, BPD, and officers involved in what’s described as a racially-motivated attack

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–A Buffalo man intends to sue the city, it’s police department, and two officers involved in what’s being described as a racially-motivated attack. 

News 4 has obtained new body camera footage from the May 10 arrest of 30-year-old Quentin Suttles, who says he was targeted by two white officers because he is black. 

“What we really want to see is policy change,” Suttles’ attorney Joshua Ramos said Friday. “Like most jobs if you screw up there are repercussions. It doesn’t seem to be the case for police agencies.”

We want to warn you, the video, a combination of body cam and cell phone video, is graphic. 

Buffalo police officers Ronald Ammerman and Michael Scheu stop Quentin Suttles and a female passenger near East Eagle and Madison streets. They smell drugs. 

A notice of claim filed Thursday says the officers had been following Suttles for minutes before he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. 

While patting Suttles down, the officers repeatedly ask him if he has any drugs on him. Then the officers believe they’ve found something. 

The notice of claims states the officers became aggressive with Suttles, saying his hands were in his pockets, when they were either against the car or being held by the officers. 

Suttles, his hands out of his pockets, tell officers he’s clean. The officers respond, pleading with him to stay calm. 

The officers and Suttles struggle to the ground, and Suttles calls to his female passenger, begging her to start recording the arrest. 

Suttles continues to struggle, until Officer Ammerman punches Suttles in the face from a close distance, while officer Scheu holds his lower body. 

“Mr. Suttles at no point made any aggressive movement toward the cops,” Ramos claims. “At no point did he try to evade after he’s been complaint this whole time.”

Ammerman calls for medicine, and they clearly believe Suttles has swallowed drugs to get rid of the evidence. 

The notice of claim states Suttles had no drugs on him when he was pulled over. And while the notice says officers never found any drugs, Suttles was charged with resisting arrest, obstruction of government administration, and destruction of evidence. A white powdery substance was also sent to a lab for testing. 

The struggle continues for several minutes longer until Suttles is taken into custody. 

Suttles attorney, Joshua Ramos, says his client suffered a fractured scapula and orbital bone, and other injuries to his shoulders, face, and hands.

A Buffalo police captain said the department would not comment on pending litigation.

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