East Aurora Village Board votes to opt-in for retail marijuana establishments

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The East Aurora Village Board voted this week to allow marijuana dispensaries to set up shop in the village limits, but when it comes to allowing marijuana consumption businesses, like cafes or lounges to open up, the board decided to opt-out. 

“They really are two different animals. A dispensary, someone will come in and buy their product, and then they’ll leave and  consume their product wherever,” said Cathryn Thomas, village administrator for East Aurora. Village officials say, the next step is to adjust the zoning to allow the dispensaries to set up shop in the village.

“The lounges, it’s a specific place where you drive, or people could walk if they live in the village. But many people from outside the village could come to the lounge, go in and consume cannabis, and have the effects of cannabis, and then they might leave and drive and they could be impaired.”

The clock is ticking for municipalities that still haven’t made a decision either way. The State says they have until December 31st to opt in or opt out on either dispensaries or consumption businesses.

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