Lichtenberger was charged with reckless driving in October

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TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) – The man who was behind the wheel in the deadly Valentine’s night crash in the Town of Tonawanda was allegedly involved in another incident just months ago.

Tyler Lichtenberger and Gianna Ameno, both 21, died Friday night after they were thrown out of their Ford Focus as they crashed at Military Rd. and Sheridan Ave. Police say Lichtenberger was driving more than 100 mph through a red light when he collided with other vehicles.

Police in the City of Tonawanda dealt with Lichtenberger back on October 31st.

“It involved some type of a road rage, reckless driving incident,” said City of Tonawanda Police Captain Fredric Foels.

The incident happened on Main St. in the city. Foels says Lichtenberger got into a confrontation with another driver, and it led to a minor accident.

“There was some reckless driving involved,” Foels said. “There was a passing of a red light. There was crossing a center line. There was driving in the wrong lane of traffic.”

In addition to reckless driving and harassment charges, Lichtenberger also received several traffic tickets. City of Tonawanda court officials refused to immediately tell News 4 whether that case was resolved.

On Tuesday, Town of Tonawanda police detailed what led to up to the crash that killed Lichtenberger and Ameno, who are parents to a young child. It included 14 minutes of chaos that allegedly involved Lichtenberger twice pointing a gun at someone and hitting another car.

Town police say they’re aware of the city incident from October.

“That will be something that through our diligence we will make sure that we connect,” Town of Tonawanda Police Chief Jim Stauffiger said.

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