Slow Roll Buffalo member struck by truck during protest wants people to continue seeking justice to end racial brutality

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–Karen Huffman, the woman struck by a pick-up truck during protests in Niagara Square this week, is back home Saturday. She is a member of the bike riding group, Slow Roll Buffalo.

Slow Roll Buffalo is getting ready for its first bike event since Huffman was hit Wednesday night.

The group’s founder Seamus Gallivan says Huffman wants the community to start focusing on the reason she was protesting, to begin with. She and other demonstrators have been expressing their outrage over the police officers in Kentucky who were cleared of Breonna Taylor’s death back in March.

“Karen is in good spirits, she wants our attention to be her, Breonna Taylor’s family is not fine,” Gallivan said. “The state of our community and the oppressive practices that are happening everyday, they are institutional, it is not fine.”

One officer was charged for shooting into a neighboring apartment. Protesters have been standing in solidarity with Taylor and seeking justice for people who’ve died as a result of police and racial brutality.

“One of the things Karen has been saying is it’s foolish not to be afraid. We’re afraid but we’re still showing up and we’re looking out for each other. We have a serious lack of leadership throughout our community,” Gallivan said.

Gallivan says he’s concerned incidents like the one where Huffman was hit might happen again.

“People are not listening to each other, they’re not meeting each other where they’re at and these things are going to keep happening as a result,” he said. “If we don’t make a lot of serious changes and people set their egos aside and really come to the table together.”

Joanna Gollnau is being accused of striking Huffman with a vehicle. She faces charges of reckless driving and reckless endangerment.

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