State Attorney General interviews another Cuomo accuser

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(WIVB) – Gov. Cuomo took no questions after a news conference Thursday, but the investigations he faces are clearly moving along.

Over the weekend, the State Attorney General’s Office interviewed one of his accusers, former aide Lindsay Boylin.

Thursday afternoon, another former aide was being interviewed by the AG’s office- Ana Liss, whose story we first heard a couple of weeks ago.

Liss is Monroe County’s Director of Planning and Development.

She says when she worked as an aide to the governor, he called her sweetheart, asked if she had a boyfriend, and put her hands on her lower and put his hands on her lower back.

”It was an open secret and it was just the governor being the governor,” Liss said. “A lot of this transcends sexual harassment. This is about dangerous and hostile work environment for young women and a culture that was perpetuated by very powerful aids to the governor.”

Liss released the following statement on Thursday:

“Today, I spoke with the legal team appointed by New York Attorney General Letitia James to conduct an independent investigation into the sexual harassment allegations against Governor Andrew Cuomo. I met with the investigators via Zoom over the course of two hours. I answered many questions about my time in the Governor’s office from 2013 to 2015, detailing instances of unsolicited attention paid to me by the Governor and the sexually hostile work environment perpetuated by him and senior staff. As was outlined in the statement issued by Charlotte Bennett’s attorney, this investigation is not just focused on the Governor but on the pervasive, arbitrary, and severe conduct tolerated and propagated by the Governor. During my time in the Executive Chamber, it was a toxic, verbally abusive, retaliatory workplace, especially for young women like myself. Sexual harassment on the Governor’s behalf is a significant piece of the investigation, but he neither is nor was the only person in the administration responsible for offensive conduct ranging from scatological name-calling to outright objectification of women’s bodies. Among many questions, one inquiry pertained to a senior advisor to the Governor contacting me in the days following Lindsey Boylan’s first public statement about her allegations in December 2020. I look forward to continued cooperation with this effort, and I support others who may wish to come forward.”

The governor is now facing multiple investigations.

The state Republican chairman called out Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie on Thursday for the law firm he chose to head up the Assembly impeachment investigation.

Nick Langworthy, chair of the NYS Republican Committee, says one of the partners in the New York law firm is married to Appeals Court Judge Janet DiFiore, who Cuomo wanted to handle the investigation originally.

“Carl Heastie is too cozy with Andrew Cuomo to be leading any kind of investigation into him,” Langworthy said.

On Wednesday, Heastie said he is confident the investigation will be objective.

“They were vetted externally by us and internally by the firm and I don’t believe there is going to be any conflict,” Heastie said.

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