UB student pushes for COVID -19 task force for university to regulate large gatherings

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) –As colleges across the country experience covid-19 spikes, students at University at Buffalo are demanding that the university monitor student behavior to prevent its own outbreaks. Overall students say they are excited classes begin Monday, and they’re looking forward to being back but they understand there’s always a risk for outbreaks, especially when it comes to students holding large gatherings on or off-campus.

A new petition is going around social media asking UB officials to regulate student behavior to stop large gatherings from happening. The student behind the movement asked to remain anonymous because they also work on campus,but says they’re worried the campus community is going to be at risk . UB officials won’t take action fast enough if students violate social distancing rules.
A few students on campus say there’s only so much officials can do and students need to do their part.

“I mean there’s already a heavy police presence here as you can see by all the police around and I think they’re doing a good job with that. Everyone is keeping a mask on and kids still need to meet other kids, you can’t just be alone out here either,” said Christopher Fusco a UB student.
“I know a lot of kids, that’s probably one of the things they’re looking forward to so I think they’ll probably find a way to get a few gatherings in. It’s just maintaining safety part,” said Tammy Bouaz.

UB officials have said they can not regulate student behavior. Instead, they updated the university’s policies and procedures so that if students don’t follow the guidelines they could be suspended from the university.

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