Trees crash through homes during WNY windstorm: ‘It sounded like a bomb’


It’s been a scary day for some homeowners, as several trees have come down on houses across WNY.

In Newstead, nextdoor neighbors are dealing with damage, as two large trees came down in both front yards. 

“It sounded like a bomb,” Lucy Tee said.

Tee was in her kitchen, when a tree came crashing onto her home. When she looked into her living room, she could see a large branch protruding through the ceiling. 

“I’m still shaky, but I’m ok,” she said about an hour after the incident. 

Tee said if it weren’t for some quick-acting neighbors, she may not have been able to stay in her home tonight. Just minutes after the tree came down, her neighbors were over with chainsaws to dismantle the tree, and then put a temporary patch on the roof. 

They did all that, in the middle of the continuous, gusty winds. 

“I have wonderful neighbors…Dale and his son Gary… and another neighbor Ron,” she said. “They were here within minutes.”

Just next door to Tee’s home, another tree came down in a front yard. The homeowner there said it took power lines down with it. National Grid responded to take care of those. 

And about five minutes away, in Clarence, on Royal Oak Drive, a tree split in half and fell through a home. A man inside told News 4, it went straight through the roof, and into the garage below.

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