Not many towns can say that they have an official fossil- but the Town of Hamburg can. 

The Hamburg Town Board passed a resolution Monday night to make the trilobite the official town fossil. 

The resolution is in honor of  Penn Dixie Fossil Park and Nature Preserve, where visitors can uncover and keep fossils like trilobites. 

Hamburg Town Supervisor Jim Shaw introduced the motion to the town board to “recognizing the scientific value of trilobites as well as Penn Dixie’s educational and cultural merits”, a press release from Penn Dixie executive director Phil Stokes said Tuesday. 

The vote was unanimous.

According to Stokes, a member of the public rose from the floor to ask a question.

“Considering the other types of fossils found in the area, he asked “What about brachiopods?” There was no official response and no further discussion from the floor,” Stokes said, adding, “To settle this controversy before it gets out of hand, we note that brachiopods — a shelled, filter feeding organism, are far more abundant than trilobites. However, our official position is that trilobites are cooler and the real reason for visitors to come to Hamburg.”