KENMORE, N.Y. (WIVB) – A women’s rights group in Virgina is leading a boycott of Trump winery products at Wegmans’ stores.

The group unhappy with Trump’s policies, asked the grocer last week to stop carrying it last week. Now, it’s happening here at home.

On a visit to Straight Up Wine and Liquor in Kenmore, calls poured in inquiring about the Trump label wine. Co-Owner Dan Locche said, “We’ve had a number of people come in to shop for the Trump wine, which we do carry, or at least we did carry, before we ran out of it!”

Locche is having trouble keeping it stocked on his shelves. The wine has gone up in price $10 dollars per bottle in just the past few weeks, an attempt by distributors to keep demand down. But, Locche said it doesn’t seem to be working. As news of the “Trump wine” boycott spread, Locche says it seems to be having the opposite effect.

He said, “Most of the customers are coming here because they want to support Trump indirectly by buying the wine. But,  there are others who oppose Trump and want to buy the wine and possibly poor it on the ground, or do whatever they want to do with it!”

Straight Up has carried the wine since October, and sales were “okay.” Recently, it’s taken off. But not everyone’s looking to buy. Locche said, “A very loyal customer who loves our store, loves our staff and loves our product. She refuses to come here anymore because we carry the Trump wine.”

Locche says he and his employees don’t voice their political opinions in the store or through his product. He said, “Just like most retail outlets we’re not making a political statement. All we’re doing is selling wine and providing a selection to our customers. Ironically, soon there is an Obama wine coming out, so I’ll be carrying that and we’ll see what happens with that!”

For more on Straight Up Wine and Liquor you can visit their store on 2534 Elmwood Avenue, or visit their website here.